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The Tribal Council of the Grand Traverse Band serves as the poli- cy making arm of the Tribe. The Tribal Council has seven mem- bers, including the Tribal Chairman.
Council members are: Thurlow “Sam” McClellan, Chairman 534-7129 Kimberly Vargo,
Vice Chair 534-7564
Jane Rohl,
Treasurer 534-7494
Tina Frankenberger,
Secretary 534-7692
David Arroyo,
Councilor 534-7354
Brian Napont,
Councilor 534-7693
Mark Wilson,
Councilor 534-7694
The Tribal Council of the Grand Traverse Band meets at 9:30 a.m. on the third Wednesday and the last Wednesday of each month.
Sonya Zotigh,
Tribal Manager 534-7136 Doris Winslow,
Executive Assistant
to Tribal Manager 534-7965
GTB Main Switchboard
GTB Main Switchboard Toll Free
All numbers to the Grand Traverse Band government begin with a pre x of 534-, even those located outside of Leelanau County. They have a (231) area code, the same as assigned elsewhere in Northwest Michigan.
GTB Public Safety
Tribal Police: 534-7777
Fire & Rescue: 534-7666 Tribal Prosecutor: 534-7637 Emergency Preparedness: 534-7111
Conservation Enforcement: 534-7360
GTB Gaming and Commercial
Grand Traverse Band Economic Development Corporation: 534-8402
Michael Schrader, CEO
Toll Free: 800-392-8257 Grand Traverse Resort & Casinos: 534-8000
Toll Free: 800-922-2946 Leelanau Sands Casino: 534-8100
2521 North West Bay Shore Drive, Peshawbestown, MI 49682 Eagletown Market: 534-8010 Grand Traverse
Resort & Spa: 534-6000
Turtle Creek Casino: 534-8888
Health Administration General Calls: 534-7200 Dental Clinic: 534-7211 Health Clinic: 534-7200
Jared Sonderegger, Editor: 534-7366
Other GTB Numbers Automotive Repair: 534-7705 Benodjenh Center: 534-7650 Education: 534-7765
Family Services: 534-7681 Facilities/Maintenance: 534-7700 Housing: 534-7800
Elders Services: 534-7760 Family Services: 534-7681
Job Hotline: 534-7534
Legal Department: 534-7601 Membership: 534-7101
Natural Resources: 534-7500 Strongheart Center: 534-7457 Tribal Court: 534-7050
Court Fax: 534-7051
An elder of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and an Air Force veteran, Linda Woods talks about a recent trip she took with other veterans to Normandy, France. Woods was one of the speakers at an Indigenous Peoples Day observance sponsored by the Leelanau County Democratic Party at the Eyaawing
Museum in Peshawbestown.
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