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Is Your White Page
or Yellow Page
Listing Correct? John Doe, 123 S. Elk Run Drive, Elmwood Township ... 946-1234
We have made every effort in our second Leelanau Pages to produce an errorless directory. However, mistakes undoubtedly have been included or some names excluded.
If your listing is not correct, or has been omitted, please fill out this form and we will correct it in the next edition of the Leelanau Pages.
Please remember to also notify your phone service provider (AT&T, CenturyTel, Charter, Vanage or other) as they provide our White Page Listings. If the same correction is not made with them, your listing may be incorrect in the Leelanau Pages the following year as we will keep corrections for only one year. We rely on AT&T, Charter and CenturyTel to provide residential listings.
PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION Incorrect Listing (As it now appears in the Leelanau Pages)
Name of Business
Address P.O. Box
Community or Township  Phone Number
Correct Listing or Missing Listing (As you would like it to appear in the next Leelanau Pages) Name(s)
Name of Business
Phone Number
Mail to:
Leelanau Enterprise
7200 E. Duck Lake Rd., Lake Leelanau, MI 49653 or fax to 231-256-7705
Email changes to:
P.O. Box
Local Phone Carrier

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