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Address: 7200 E. Duck Lake Road, Lake Leelanau, MI 49653
Main Telephone: 256-9827
Fax Number: 256-7705
Web Address:
Online subscriptions are available for $30 per year.
Publication Date and Circulation:
The Leelanau Enterprise is printed Wednesday after- noons at our production plant in the community of Lake Leelanau and placed on a U.S. Postal Service truck for distribution through the mail on Thursdays. Editions are available for counter sales Wednesday evenings in many locations, although the of cial pub- lishing dates are on Thursdays. An average of nearly 8,200 copies is distributed by second class mail and counter sales each week.
Primary Legal Newspaper:
The Leelanau Enterprise is the legal newspaper of record for townships in Leelanau County; Suttons Bay, Northport and Empire villages; and the County of Leelanau. We are also the newspaper of record for fore- closures and other public notices.
The Leelanau Enterprise employs a 15-member, full- time staff and many more part-time employees. To serve Leelanau County, we have a newsroom with  ve writers and editors with journalism degrees, a veteran sales department, full-service graphic arts department, fully digitized front of ce and modern print operation. The Enterprise is owned by co-publishers Alan and Debra Campbell, who work full-time at the newspaper.
Subscription questions and prices:
News story submissions and questions:
Letters to the Editor:
Printing Inquiries:
Advertising: Of ce Hours:
Mondays through Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Saturdays, Sundays and some holidays.
Display Advertising:
Friday at noon the week before publication, except for holiday editions.
Classi ed Advertising:
Friday at noon the week before publication. Classi ed display advertisers who require a proof of ad before publication should submit information by close of business Thursday.
Editorial Content:
Information for the publishing of business briefs, aca- demic achievements, social news, military milestones and other stories in the Leelanau Enterprise should be submitted by the previous Friday for inclusion in the following week’s newspaper. We ask that letters to the editor be submitted as soon as possible as we try to publish them in the order they have been received.
Submissions for inclusion in our “Calendar of Events” should be made to staff writer Patti Brandt- Burgess, who may be reached at our of ce or at
Weddings, births, obituaries:
There is no charge for the publishing of wedding, engagement or birth announcements that are received on a timely basis.
Obituaries with a connection to Leelanau County are likewise published free of charge in our editorial for- mat. We welcome obituaries that are not published in our standard format, which are placed for a charge on our obituary page. Please designate the type of obitu- ary — standard or paid — when requesting publica- tion. Email to
Most photos taken by the Enterprise staff and pub- lished in the Leelanau Enterprise are available for sale on disk, via email, or on photographic paper. Please call for prices.
Read weekly by 87% of county residents*
* According to a 2014 Readership Survey conducted by Northwestern Michigan College.
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