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Road Commission
10550 E. Eckerle Rd.
Suttons Bay, MI 49682 General Calls: 271-3993
Fax: 271-5612
Managing Director: Dan Wagner Extension 225
Suttons Bay Of ce
10550 Eckerle Road, Suttons Bay, MI 49682
Maple City Of ce
129 W. Church St., Maple City, MI 49664
Road Commission Staff
Superintendant: Dave Priest
271-3993 (Ext. 226)
Engineer: James Johnson
271-3993 (Ext. 224)
Finance Manager & Secretary: Joe Nedow
271-3993 (Ext. 223)
Fleet Manager: Dustin Albrecht
271-3993 (Ext. 227)
Maple City Foreman: Gino Grimaldi Public calls not taken directly,
call Suttons Bay of ce 271-3993.
Payroll Specialist: Lynn Herman
271-3993 (Ext. 221)
The Leelanau County Road Commission was authorized in an election held at the direction of commissioners in 1916.
The Leelanau County Road Commission maintains 170 miles of primary roads and 425 miles of local roads in Leelanau County. In addition, county Road Commission crews plow and maintain the state highway system in Leelanau under contract from the Michigan Department of Transportation.
A county road commission is a governmental agency comprised of staff and a three- or  ve-member
board of directors. Michigan has 78 county road commissions and  ve county road departments that fall under the direction of the county commission branch of local government. Where established, road commissioners serve as the oversight board for county road agencies.
Roughly 25 percent of funding for the county Road Commission, whose budget comes to about $7 million, is received through a .5-mill property tax approved by voters. The Road Commission began 2017 with a fund balance of $350,000.
“That’s a pretty darn good grade.”
— Dan Wagner, managing director of the Leelanau County Road Commission, re ecting upon the level of support given to a renewal for a .5-mill property tax for local roads. The millage passed with 84 percent support.
Jurisdiction for roads in Leelanau County is split between the Leelanau County Road Commission and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDoT). Above, a project to repair deep potholes on M-22 is done through a contract authorized by the MDoT.
Road Commission facts, history
MEET Your County Road Commissioners
Jim Calhoun, Chairman Term 2018
First Year on Board: 2014 jcalhoun@leelanauroads org
Robert Joyce, Member Term: 2022
First Year on board: 2015 rjoyce@leelanauroads org
John Popa, Vice Chairman Term 2020
First Year on Board: 2002 jpopa@leelanauroads org
Members of the Leelanau County Road Commission are elected to six-year terms. Presently, there are three members of the Leelanau Road Commission, although there has been discussion about increasing membership to  ve road commissioners. That decision lies with the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners.
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