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There are changes among Leelanau County organizations that keep the peninsula humming — from big to little.
Leelanau County is home to seven chambers of commerce and one visitors bureau. They range in scope from all volunteer and mostly seasonal — the efforts of the Cedar Chamber of Commerce are centered around organizing and sponsoring the Cedar Polka Fest — to those with full-time staffs. The Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, through executive director Sally Guzowski, and the Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitors Bureau, handle thousands of inquiries.
About those changes. The Cedar Chamber has moved the date of its iconic Polka Fest ahead one week to Thursday through Sunday, June 22-25.
“It’s a big change from previous years,” said BJ Christensen, president of the Chamber. “We won’t have to worry about con icts with the Cherry Festival,  reworks and the air shows.”
The former Leelanau County Economic Development Corporation was discontinued by the County Board in 2014, but a new group has been created to  ll the void. The Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation was created through efforts between county government and the Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.
“This is an exciting group to be a part of,” said Patricia Soutas-Little, a member of the Foundation board. “They’re full of fresh new ideas on economic development.”
Following is a list of those organizations, along with pertinent information.
“It’s a big change from previous years”
— Cedar Chamber president BJ Christensen, on moving the Cedar Polka Fest ahead one week. Like other community chambers in the county, the Cedar Chamber relies on volunteers including community members to sponsor events that bolster the Leelanau County economy.
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CHamBer of CommerCe Phone number: 228-3378
Email: Facebook: Cedar Polka Festival Facebook: Cedar Polka Fest OFFICERS
BJ Christensen, President
Fred Peplinski, Vice President
Liz Saile, Secretary
Ron Novak, Treasurer
Polka Fest Chair, Mike Taylor
231 835-0766
Meetings held on the  rst Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Cedar Fire Hall.
CHamBer of CommerCe
Phone number: 231-620-1829 Website: Facebook: EmpireChamberOfCommerce/ Address: P.O. Box 576
Empire, MI 49630
Phil Deering, President
Paul Skinner, Chairman
Soni Aylsworth, Vice Chair
Megan Schous, Treasurer
Meetings held at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the township hall unless otherwise organized.
gLen LaKe
CHamBer of CommerCe Phone number: 334-3238 Website: Facebook: VisitGlenArbor/
Address: P.O. Box 217,
Glen Arbor, MI 49636 OFFICERS
Jeff Gietzen, President
Northwood Hardware 616-633-3699
Jamie Jewell, Vice President
The Homestead 231-334-5150 Linda Peppler, Treasurer 231-334-7585 lindapepplercpa@gmailcom
Linette Rouzer, Secretary Cherry Works BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Bob Ashmun, Sue Boucher, Connie Kroll, Katie Rabidoux, Rob Serbin, Dave Thomasma, Gietzen, Jewell, Peppler and Rouzer
Member meetings usually held on
the second Tuesday of each month with the exceptions of April, July and December, when no meetings are held. Locations rotate among chamber members; social meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. and business meeting starts at 6:15 p.m.
LeeLanau penInSuLa CHamBer of CommerCe Phone number: 994-2202
Email: Website: Facebook: LeelanauChamber/
Address: 112 E. Philip St. Lake Leelanau, MI 49654 Executive Director: Sally Guzowski OFFICERS
Matt Gregory, President
Chateau de Leelanau 271-8888
Terry Ely, Vice President
Kristin Frodl, Secretary/Treasurer AHSA 218-4197
Scott Koehler, Whaleback Inn; Adam Maas, The Larkin Group; Tim Haring, esq., Lighthouse Title;

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