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2017 marks the 11th year for the Leelanau Pages Community Directory, and in many respects much has changed.
But certainly not everything has changed.
We started the Leelanau Pages with a pledge to create a publication with Leelanau County on the cover, and to make Leelanau a point of emphasis throughout.
That’s how the directory got its name.
And it’s still our No. 1 priority. Because Leelanau, from its businesses to its governments to its residents, should have a book of its own every year.
But, yes, much has changed in our digital world, and the Leelanau Pages
has changed with it. Our mobile-friendly website directs searchers with a keystroke to the websites and phone numbers of county businesses. Nowadays, people may be more apt to pull to the side of the road to search our website than to pull out one of our print editions.
But regardless of personal preference, they’re still connecting with Leelanau County.
Thank you for reading — and clicking on — the Leelanau Pages in 2017.
Alan and Debra Campbell
Leelanau Pages Community Directory
Leelanau Pages advertising manager Jerry Ruskowski has added a new tool to help business owners connect with customers, as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been provided to every advertiser. Jerry has already started work on the 2018 Leelanau Pages. Please contact him about promotional opportunities in the Leelanau Pages.
Jerry Ruskowski,
Leelanau Pages Advertising Manager
All original material, including the name Leelanau Pages, is copyrighted and may only be used with permission from the publisher.
7200 E. Duck Lake Road
Lake Leelanau, MI 49653
Phone: (231) 256-9827
Sister Publications
The Leelanau Enterprise claimed six  rst place awards in the Michigan Press Association better newspaper contest, continuing a tradition of excellence dating back to our  rst edition on Nov. 15, 1877. We are now celebrating our 140th birthday. To keep up on all things “Leelanau,” pick up a home or online subscription starting at $30 per year. Please consider calling
Directory Note
256-9827 to join our list of subscribers. The Leelanau Visitors Guide has become the go-to source for visitors and residents looking to enjoy the county during the summer months. The LVG will be released with the Memorial Day edition of the Leelanau Enterprise, and distributed to Leelanau, Grand Traverse and Benzie
counties throughout the summer.
The Leelanau PagesTM is an independent, Leelanau County-produced directory not af liated with AT&T (SBC/ Ameritech), CenturyLink or any other telephone company.
The Leelanau Pages offers one free directory listing to all businesses whose of ces are located in Leelanau County. Every precaution has been taken to avoid errors and omissions in this directory. However, we do apologize for any that may have been made. Our customers should realize they receive free listings at their sole risk and waive any claims against the Leelanau Pages. In the event of error or omission in a paid advertisement or service in this directory, liability shall be limited to a prorated abatement of the charge paid to the company, and in no case shall exceed the amount payable to the company. No credit will be given for immaterial or unsubstantial errors, or errors resulting from incorrect information provided to the Leelanau Pages.
Credit goes to noted outdoor photographer Ken Scott, who has provided cover shots
for all 11 editions of the Leelanau Pages. Need extra copies of the community directory? Call 256-9827.
© 2017 Leelanau Pages
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